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Hey! My name is Aasmund Ryningen and I want to tell you something!

Did you know that...

...You can suck in English and still make millions of dollars through copywriting, if you just apply the right methods?

Believe me, this is much simpler than you think.

The only thing you have to promise me is that you're willing to put down the work.

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Look, I know it might sound outlandish...

...that you can actually make millions by just writing words on a webpage, in an email or on a sales letter. Particularly if you have no writing skills whatsoever. 

Like I said, the principles are simple, but they require work - hard work. And it's not gonna happen overnight, either. 

However, if you're ready to change your life, take action and you're not afraid of some good ole' work, then this is what I can offer you;
  •  How to get so loaded up with ideas and things to write about, you actually have to cut back on them 
  •  How to identify your ideal customer and direct them to your funnel 
  • How to write your ads so that people literally will look for an excuse not to buy from you!
  •  The one thing more important than writing copy, forgotten by a lot of copywriters. 
  •  How to never get writer's block again 
  •  The correct way to create A-list swipe file
  •  Why headline templates usually mean the ultimate death of your copywriting business
  •  And much more...
Let's Be Blunt: Copywriting Is About Persuading People To Take Action... 
...Not To Use As Many 'Creative' And 'Fancy' Words As You Can Because You Find It Appealing.
Tired Of All The Fluff And Nonsense Out There About Copywriting? 
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From The Office Of Aasmund Ryningen - Your Genuine Copywriter...

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

There is a shift occurring in the real estate marketing place. And I'm not talking about how real estate agents now use social media to attract clients, nor how big syndicates pitch investors on deal over country club meetings. 

This is something that, unlike what the guru fanboys and ' content copywriters' of our time don't know much about. 

Yet it has existed before our very eyes for more than 20 years. 

And guess what? Unlike a lot of other marketing methods that have come and gone, this way of marketing has withstood the fall of time. 

Because this marketing method relies on one simple way of marketing  - copywriting. 

And it's so easy to use, everybody can do it. 

In fact, everybody is probably already doing it. Including you. 

You also probably have everything set up already, so you likely don't have to create a new profile or dealing with all the hassle and stress that comes with creating a new profile and 'building' your network from scratch...

I'm talking about the good old email.

That's right! 

The good old email. Which hasn't stopped being relevant despite the advent of popular marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn.

Unlike social media which frequently is subjected to censorship, increased ad costs and just more and more obstacles...

...there is nothing that prohibits you sending emails to your prospect or investor list. 

Not only that, but your investors don't even have to sign up for a lot of different social media platforms. They already have their email addresses working for them.

So what your customer list really needs to do is just to subscribe to your email list and you're ready to market to them. 

Whether you're the CEO of a syndicate, a real estate agent or perhaps you're a broker who's looking to build your list of real estate agents yourself? 

The possibilities are virtually endless. 

But, that's not all. 

Did you know that email marketing actually has increased through the later years? 

And is expected to do so in the upcoming years as well? 

Instead of me trying to convince you, here's some proof, courtesy of Oberlo; 
But, there's more...

Did you know that the ROI on email marketing is incredible? 

We're talking about getting 32X your spendings... fact, I'd label it as an investment rather than a spending.

Once again, here's Oberlo telling it to you in plain graphics; 
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But We're Not Done Yet...

...Here's A Taste Of What I Write;
The Three Traits A-List Copywriters Have That Low-Class gurus Only Can Dream About

If you’re writing poor copy for a website that has a lousy product and you’re not interested in your market, you might as well call it a day and go home. 
It’s as simple as that. 

These are three of the unpleasant truths that the ‘gurus’ out there don’t want you to know. 

You see, the low tier gurus who only care about making money, no matter if it helps people or not want you to write ‘good copy’ using the common, generic advices; 

PAS - Problem, Agitate, Solve.
BAB - Before After Bridge.
FAB - Features, Advantages, Benefits
Now before you jump the gun, there’s nothing wrong with either of these frameworks. 

In fact, I urge you to learn them right now. Study them, implement them and get really good at them. You never know when you strike gold applying one or several of these ways of writing copy. 

Actually, PAS was endorsed by the late, great Gary Halbert as being ‘the best’ way of thinking in means of persuading people to buy what you sell. 

However, PAS alone won’t save your sale. 

This is also why not even the best A-list copywriter in the world can sell a cheap necklace from an Alibaba drop shipping store - people don’t really care for that sort of cheap stuff. 
Which is why also the same Gary Halbert was very strict about whom he chose to work with. 

And also, what he wanted to write copy for. 

He picked the premium stuff. And that was final. This was probably one of the reasons why he turned so many clients down. 

Here’s an interesting story that Gary Halbert once told. 

I’ll take a chance and say this probably happened during the latter years of his life. 


…he once was hospitalized and had to have an operation. It was nothing serious, but he still had to undergo surgery for some reason. 

The day after the operation he had to remain in bed because doctors wanted to supervise him. There was a Haitian nurse working in his room. They started talking together and naturally Gary started to moan a little about his condition. 

I don’t what it was, but he probably had some aches. 

The nurse produced a box of pills and began telling him about an Evil Saint on Haiti called Baron Samedi (Yes, that’s French for ‘Baron Saturday). 

Supposedly to fight him from screwing up people’s lives, people took these pills to recover from sickness.

So she gave him five pills and told him that he should take one each day. 

He did. 

And as he began to exercise in the gym, he felt stronger, he could lift heavier and he was overall in much better shape compared to when he has recovered from earlier operations. 

In fact, he felt amazing. He needed more of those pills. So he went back to the hospital and managed to get himself more of those pills. Only thing was, he actually had to pay for them this time. 

Now what was the point of that story? 

Since the nurse was from Haiti, she probably spoke in broken English.

But that really didn’t matter because Gary Halbert wanted those pills. He craved them. 

She had a quality, premium product that he needed. 

Even if she wrote him a sales letter with the worst copy in the world. 

He still would’ve bought those pills. 

The other day I browsed a forum on the internet and I found a thread where it said something like ‘Good copy makes people want to buy’. 

I disagree. 

And so does my boy, ole’ Gary. 

His story proves it. 

If Gary hadn’t been in the condition he was in, he wouldn’t have felt the urge to put his hands on those pills. 

And hardly any sales letter could have persuaded him to buy those pills. 

So it is with copywriting in general; 

A good, premium quality product usually sells itself - you only need to list the advantages and people will flock to it like flies drawn to light.

You cannot save those who swim away from you; if people aren’t looking for a product then what’s the point in writing to them? They won’t buy, irrespective of the quality of the copy.

Most of the gurus out there who like to flaunt their riches make the same mistake - they sell themselves instead of their knowledge which works like clockwork on the gullible, easy to deceive newbies…

…you on the other hand are bright and understand that to get good at something you have to do what actually no one dares to tell you - write every single day and write a lot. 

The one thing that gurus haven’t understood yet - writing great copy for a premium, quality product is what gets you the big sales - so you don’t have to rent a Lambo…

…in fact, if you were to buy a Lambo because you had the money and it was your dream car, would some poorly written copy scare you off? Of course not. This is the sales tactic that low-class gurus use to deceive you into buying their $297 course. 

Actually, if you’re selling a bright shining new Lambo to a bunch of young car enthusiasts, all you need are bullets and list of all the benefits they get. 

To summarize how important having the right product for the audience is, think of Gary Halbert’s answer to what the one advantage he wanted over others, if he were to sell hamburgers - ‘A starving crowd’ .

This is perhaps the most unpleasant part of any seller or marketer’s life. Realizing the need for something great. 

So, let’s say you actually have a premium product that you market craves. You have trait number one. 

What now? 

Now, you need to know your market and what it wants. What it needs. 

Why else do you think that great A-list copywriters like Carline Anglade-Cole and Parris Lampropoulos spend a lot of time with old people at retirement homes when they’re about to write copy for a health product? 

In case you don’t know who these are, I think it’s suffice to say they make millions writing copy for magalogs for nine figure companies like Agora Publishing and the like.

These people need the right sort of information. Knowing what words to use. What expressions they need to put in their copy. What their market is concerned with. This is trait number two. 

They need to apply the saying of good ole’ Eugene Schwarz;

‘Great copy isn’t written. It is assembled.’

Hey, want to know another thing? 

The A-list copywriters like Parris, Carline and all the other ones, when they meet up…

…what do you think they talk about? 

Their new car? Their big yacht? The awesome vacation they had to The Fiji islands this summer?

They talk about their market. Which words to use. What their market is concerned with. How they better can connect with the market. 
Look, I know how this seems. 

‘Man, what a bunch of nerds. Don’t they do anything else, like talk shit and all that?’

No. They’re obsessed with their craft. Just like this one copycub that Gary Halbert mentored. In fact, this copycub worked so hard, Gary actually had to ask his mentee to stop working and take a break. Not the other way around. This is because these are and were all great copywriters. They are and were obsessed which is trait number three. 

Ultimately, it is your choice. 

If you’re have a great quality product, you write great copy because you know your market well and you’re obsessed with what the market thinks about…
…then you will become one helluva copywriter. 

And if you apply your skill? You’ll likely get very rich!

That’s because you put other people’s needs in front of your own. 

Instead of showing off with your new Lambo, your private jet that you had to rent and your 1,600 sqft mansion that you can only afford to use on the weekend. 

Let that be a lesson when you’re looking for people to learn copy from - do they have these traits and what is the focus on their website? Is it their glossy videos or is it the copy? 

Could the site do without the video or not? 

If yes, then that’s usually a good sign. 

How To Smoke A Cigar And Drink Whiskey On The Rocks Each Day, While Writing 30 Minutes Of Million Dollar Copy…
…Even Though Copywriting Gurus Say You Cannot
If you want to learn copywriting, there’s vast array of courses out there. 

Some are good, some are mediocre and some really suck. 

However, did you know that the latter group tend to get the biggest attention?

That’s because the ‘gurus’ with the really sucky courses aim for the low-hanging fruit; the freebie seekers. 
You know who I’m talking about, right? 

The snot-nosed teenagers and youngsters in their early twenties who’ve been watching too many episodes of Mad Men and think they’re the next Don Draper. 

They’ve got this glamorous view of how it is being a copywriter. 

Their view usually is something like this; 

You’re in your office. There’s an old-school typewriter on your desk. and your hot blonde secretary who you’re secretly sharing evening pleasures with, hands you some writing assignments. 

It takes about half an hour or so for you to write the piece. It’s the next blockbuster ad that will generate millions for you in royalties for years to come. 
And you spent hardly a calorie writing it. 

The only minor issue you had was that you mixed ‘copyright’ with ‘copywriter’. 

Apart from that, it was all flawless. 

Now, you’re done for the day. You raise up from the chair, stretch your legs and walk over to the corner closet. 

Your own, exclusive liquor store. 

You pour yourself some whiskey and help yourself with some ice from your modern ice crunching machine, then sit down in a nice, comfortable chair and start reading the morning news. 

And that’s pretty much your day. 

Sounds great, right? 

Who wouldn’t want to live like this? Even if you don’t love whiskey or reading the papers, your imaginary version of Don Draper has something that pretty much no one else has - freedom.

And here’s perhaps the most provocative thing; 

Those lazy teenagers - the clients whom the low class ‘gurus’ are seeking out are actually right. 

It really is possible to live like a modern day Don Draper and create your own scene from Mad Men. 
You just have to do the work in between. 

If you’re looking for a way to pick up hot girls and strike killer deals at the business table, while earning millions everyday…
…please stop reading and go somewhere else. 

I cannot help you.
Look, I’m not trying to discourage you, there’s plenty of courses on how to get rich and how to get girls. Who knows, some of them might even work! 
And if you want to live life like Don Draper you probably should get one such course or read a book on how to become a millionaire. 

However, if you realize that you need to learn copywriting and implement it, become great at it and really get it ingrained as a part of you before you start on your million dollar career…

…then my upcoming course might be a little something for you; 

There’s absolutely no guarantee to get rich or make millions - instead you’ll learn the framework for learning and writing good copy.

No regurgitated basic content such as features, advantages and benefits, though we’ll jump into it a little - instead we’ll focus on the one thing that really matters when you want to become great at writing copy. 

The hidden secret behind the glossy websites with a lot of videos of celebrities giving presentations on stage, and why these celebrities don’t want you to know about it.

You’ll learn the one boring, but critical thing that actually will make you a skilled copywriter if you apply it correctly in a fairly short amount of time.

We’ll go over all the things you don’t need know when you’re learning how to write copy.

What made stars like Floyd Mayweather and Shaquille O’Neal so great in their crafts? They did the one thing the so-called ‘gurus’ out there don’t want you know about.

The one thing that 99% of people don’t do when they’re given advice and how you can profit from it.

Why reaching out to any business and pitching them on copywriting is wrong - and what to do instead.

How you can get help from the lambasted sites Fiverr and Upwork, without spending too much time on them.

Why going out on the weekend doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad, as long as you do this thing.

How to effectively play video games and still become a good copywriter.

Why you need to take advice from more than one copywriter and how to find him or her.

Why charging low prices for your work will get you the wrong kind of clients.

Why reading many copywriting books won’t be beneficial for you and what you can do about it.

Ultimately, if you apply these tricks over time, then it’s just going to happen. 

You will become a skilled copywriter. A copywriter who actually knows his craft. 

My upcoming course to be released later this year will teach you all of this, and quite a bit more. 

I won’t lie - it’s expensive. But it’s worth it. 

Because you’re getting a quality, premium product. 

As for getting rich, picking up hot girls and living like Don Draper? 

I cannot guarantee it, and neither can this course. 

In fact, I won’t even touch upon it. I’ll focus on copywriting.

But if you truly want to live like Don Draper, then your first step is to actually know your customer base and being able to churn out sales letters. 

You need to get good at copywriting first. 

The rest is up to you. 
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Read The Following If You Want To Learn Copywriting
I’ll give you a hint; It’s about a copywriting course. 

How to get great at copywriting without writing so much as a word - it’s easier than you think.

You’ll never have writer’s block again after learning about this trick. It’s so ridiculously simple yet so overlooked….

…And in case you don’t like the former trick, there’s another one that’s more than a thousand years old and that was invented by Zen Buddhist monks.
But we’re not done yet, because there’s yet a third method that can help you deal with writer’s block, and this method is named after a vegetable! Strange, huh? 

The one secret and ‘dirty little trick’ that no single copywriting ‘guru’ out there tells you about copywriting, because it doesn’t sound ‘sexy’, yet is extremely effective.

The framework and mental mindset used by both past and present copywriters that have generated millions in profit and fat royalty checks.

The unpleasant truth that lets a heroin addict pick up a stunningly hot blonde in the bar and leave any dating guru speechless behind.

Absolutely no guarantees of riches, millions and even making money - however, the path that others have used to get rich.

A hidden trick that no copywriting guru want you to know about.

Why you should stay away from the any kind of website that’s glossed over with videos, step-by-step guides and any number of figures in it.

Why aligning your text in the middle and writing with a certain font doesn’t necessarily get you more sales.

The unpleasant truth behind some of the late Gary Halbert’s success and how you can apply it - however it’ll only work if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and go to work.

Why ‘adding value’ doesn’t necessarily do the trick to build a responsive audience who’ll pretty much buy anything you sell.

The brilliant marketing ploy behind a very controversial Gillette shaving commercial.

Why email marketing beats the living daylights out of creating a social media following.

How to spot the fake ‘gurus’ who just try to mimic what they’ve seen other successful gurus do.

How a seven figure copywriter actually would get clients if he were to do it again today. 

What not to do when you’re learning copywriting.

Why not giving a refund will get you a more responsive and buyer-friendly customer base.

The secret to becoming really successful at selling your own material.

It’s void of the generic content you’re so tired of that can be seen elsewhere.

Why transparency will lift you to a higher level and make you seem more likeable as well as real.

FREE traffic building suggestions that everyone can use, and the uncomfortable truth that everyone avoids talking about.

A million dollar ad copywriter’s explanation of why you don’t necessarily have to use seducing language to ‘persuade’ people to buy. 

The bold truth about why you should pay for an extensive copywriting course (and any other product).

Why FREE content usually is harmful to you and your progress.

How to easily overcome ‘procrastination’ and just getting started writing. 

How to mentally ingrain copywriting so that it sticks for good.

The truth about bullets and why you absolutely need them.

How to instantly recognize if somebody’s a serious copywriter.

The simple trick behind overcoming doubt, depression and ‘down’ periods.

Why being an average copywriter is the scariest thing you can become and what to do if you are one.

The simple thing that will make you one of the best and most experienced copywriters there is in the world.

The number one mistake most copywriters make with their swipe file and how you can avoid it.

Why most copywriting courses suck.

Why you definitely should offend someone every day and be as polarizing as possible in your copy, using Donald Trump as an example.

How pictures and videos actually will harm you in the long run.

Why you definitely should read SPAM mail and consume tabloid junk and celebrity gossip.

The one thing that A-list copywriters are more obsessed with than anything else.

How to build an A-list swipe file.

Why 30 and 60 day guarantees will harm your sales more than a one year or even lifetime guarantee.

Why the question about long versus short copy is a non-scenario.

Why you can have lousy grammar and poor English and still sell.

Big promises, right? 

However, none of these promises are about you making a lot of money and becoming a millionaire. 

That’s because this course isn’t about getting rich. It’s about getting great at copywriting. 

If you acquire that skill and apply it, you likely will become rich. 

However, you then need to market yourself and take the right actions to secure that steady stream of cash flow. 

There’s probably another course for that. 

A good copywriter course however, should focus on the above. 

Now you know what to look for. 
BUMMER ALERT: A-List Copywriter Demonstrates The Unsexy Truth Behind Writing Million Dollar Ads
If you’re looking for copywriting courses, you don’t have to go far. 

They’re everywhere. They’re omnipresent. 

Pretty much everyone today is a ‘copywriter’, yet they really don’t know how to write copy. 

They’re emotionally hooked to the name. It’s a glamorous, romantic description of anyone who can churn out some words on a letter and then make a million or two. 

In rare cases that might work. 

However, in reality that’s not how things work. 

In fact, when it comes to copy, writing comes second. 

There is another thing that’s even more important than writing. 

Let the late, great Eugene Schwarz chime in…

…Great copy isn’t written. It’s assembled.’ 

Now, this might sound a little contradicting. 

Why should you focus on writing but then not after all write great copy since it ‘cannot’ be written in the first place? 

This is where a lot of the young copywriters today fail. 

They interpret the quote literally and don’t really understand what it means. 

It doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to stop writing. In fact, Eugene Schwarz himself wrote at least 3 hours a day, if not more. Now, that might not sound like a lot, but this was 3 hours of 100% focus where he wouldn’t allow himself to be interrupted once. 

Compare that with constantly checking your phone all the time. 

Not that Eugene Schwarz had a smartphone, though. 

He passed away in the early nineties. I think it was in 1993. 

So he never got to experience the smartphone era. In fact I don’t think he hardly even knew what the Internet was. 

Anyway, so he definitely proved that you needed to write. And you also needed to write copy. 

But before writing the copy you need to assemble it. 

And this is the raw, uncut, boring and unsexy truth about writing good copy. This is what no other copywriting guru out there tells you. No cult leader, no chief, no teacher bothers telling you this. 

Because it’s the only thing that works and it doesn’t matter if you’re in 2019 or 1924. 

Usually, these gurus will argue that the likes of late great copywriters like Eugene Schwarz, John Caples, Claude Hopkins and Gary Halbert wrote ‘dated copy’. 

And that it’s not effective anymore. And that’s why you shouldn’t study them at all. 

Well, guess what?

These young gurus are right. 

The copy of the late great writers really is dated. 


Because the wording, the language, the expressions are dated. 

To quote A-list copywriter Parris Lampropoulos, today we don’t say ‘washboard abs’. We say ‘a sixpack’. 

In other words, change the wording, the expressions and the language of the copy and I could almost guarantee you…

…that 99% of today’s copy would bomb compared to what these past masters of words wrote.

This is the bold, secret truth that nobody else want to admit. 

Assembling great copy is timeless. 

The only thing that changes is what words you use and how you use them. 

And so, it’s imperative that you actually interview and talk to your audience. 

Let me tell you a story about Eugene Schwarz and how he took an unheralded and small company by the name of Boardroom Inc to become one of the power players in the advertising industry. 

And how its owner - the late Marty Edelston did most of the work. 

Yes, how the client of Eugene Schwarz assembled most of the copy - not Eugene Schwarz himself.

You see, back in the day, Marty Edelston owned a company that was on the brink of bankruptcy. The company was desperate to get some sales, and Marty Edelston was down his last $3,000. 

Edelston contacted Eugene Schwarz who instantly warned him that he wasn’t cheap, and that this session would cost him $2,000 upfront. 

Good ole’ Marty hardly had a choice. It was either sink or swim. So he reluctantly paid Eugene Schwarz the $2,000 and then was invited to a session. 

Actually, it was more of an interview, where Eugene Schwarz would pose him questions and Marty Edelston answered. If my memory serves me right, Eugene Schwarz took both notes and recorded the conversation. Marty Edelston did most of the talking, in fact all Eugene Schwarz did was pretty much asking him questions while taking notes. 

At some point during the conversation, Eugene Schwarz told Marty Edelston to wait a little and then started writing excessively. 

We’ll get back to what occurred here later. 

Now, this went on for four hours in total. 

Eugene Schwarz thanked Marty Edelston for the session and told him he’d have his piece of copy within two weeks. 

An evening or two later, Eugene Schwarz and his wife were going out to see some friends. As any other wife, Mrs. Schwarz took her sweet time getting dressed and ready on the bathroom. 

Meanwhile, Eugene Schwarz wrote the sales letter for Marty Edelston. He used little less than an hour or so. 

He left the piece raw and unedited and went out with his wife.
A couple of days later he edited and polished it into its final version. 

He would then deliver it to Marty Edelston. 

This sales letter ended up earning Boardroom Inc millions of dollars. It’s safe to say that it probably was the most important letter in the company’s history.
Eugene Schwarz was later hired as a writer on pretty much a permanent basis for Boardroom Inc, earning both himself and the company millions of dollars. 

Now, here comes the ‘magic’; 

About 70% of the copy in the first sales letter were Marty Edelston’s own words.

In other words, all Eugene Schwarz did was pretty much rewrite his notes from the session with Marty Edelston. 

You could almost argue that Marty Edelston spoke his own sales letter. 

And the point where Eugene Schwarz told Eldelston to wait while he wrote in a frenzy? 

That was the headline. He just needed several options to choose from. 

This ‘idle’ way of taking on a copywriting gig perfectly reflects the original quote from Eugene Schwarz. That in order to write great copy you need to assemble it first. You need to talk to your market. 

And then you must keep your mouth shut and your ears open. You have to listen. Over and over again. 

This might be the the most entertaining way of assembling copy…

…because another one is by reading and studying.

A lot. 

You see, Eugene Schwarz also wrote book ads. And in order to do so, he needed to study the books themselves. That meant reading them. Over and over again.
He would at the very least read a book six or seven times. Then he would take some 100 pages of notes. 

I’m not joking.

That’s what he did. 

He would then have his secretary shorten his notes into bullets across 20-25 pages. 

Those were his final notes before he started writing on the copy itself. 

He likely knew any book he wrote copy for better than its author. 

It took a lot of time and studying. 

But it eliminated all the guesswork. 

And this is an unfortunate trend that is retarding today. 

The need for copy that connects with the reader is long overdue. 

Just like it was in the old days.

To get really great at copywriting you should apply the unsexy and difficult, yet proven ways to success;

There is no ‘get rich quick’ recipe. In fact, if that’s what you’re looking for, try the stock market.

By diving into the mind of the reader and quit doing what Drayton Bird calls ‘creative masturbation’ you then make the job so much simpler for yourself, because you really don’t have to ‘come up’ with anything. 

You need to learn different tricks to overcoming writer’s block - such as the over thousand year old Zen Buddhist trick that Eugene Schwarz used, and a newer method that’s named after a vegetable.

There shouldn’t be any recycled content of ‘features, advantages and benefits 101’ and ‘how storytelling is so effective’. 

Gurus who flock together and throw others under a bus often hide in social media groups and rarely come out of their shells. Find out what kind of people not to trust when it comes to writing copy. 

In the old days you had to go out and talk to people to learn about your market. Nowadays, the Internet has solved many of these challenges. And yes, it takes more than just joining a couple of closed Facebook groups. Any great resource of copywriting should tell you this.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Paid traffic is best to get people to visit your site. But there are a number of free ways to drive traffic to you that a lot of today’s successful copywriters rely on. 

Anyone can create a PDF document or an ebook and claim that its original value is $40. But there is a way that lets you put a tangible, measurable dollar value on your freebie, unlike the rest of the gurus out there. 

Don’t get deceived by what anyone else says. The ‘secret’ to getting really good at writing copy is to…surprise, surprise, write a lot! You’ll learn different ways to write and how to structure your day. 

If you’re really motivated and you want to learn copywriting, then that’s the ultimate number one trick. No guru, no course nor any book can teach you copywriting if you’re not willing to roll up the sleeves and get your hands dirty. 

A common rookie mistake that practically every guru out the makes is basing their presence on social media platforms while there is another, much safer and more comfortable way of doing it.

In times where designing a website, having a social media presence and creating an ebook or video has never been easier, there are also more fraudsters than ever. 

Most of them will give you advice like 35 Tips To Write Million Dollar Copy In 2019’ , while ignoring the fact that a lot of these techniques are both timeless…

…and inefficient. 

The stone cold truth is that by practicing on writing the same over and over again you’ll get better over time. 
It’s the unsexy truth. 

Same goes for writing copy. 

Assemble it first - write it later. 

No guru tells you this, because it’s not an attractive thing to say.

They’d rather flash their rented Lambos and fake Armani suits…

…while taking a dump on the old school principles that always will work.

If you’re really interested in getting good at writing copy, then find a course, a book or a resource that will teach you copywriting - not how to make a million dollars in a month or less. 

It’s almost like the plumber apprentice who instead of learning the essentials of plumbing jumps straight to running a plumbing business. 
You need to crawl before you can walk. 

So. Find a copywriting course that teaches you these unsexy truths. 

And then apply that knowledge to make money. 

That itself is probably the best million dollar advice you got today. 

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Second World War Book Reveals The Trick To Turn Lead Into Gold Using Nothing But Words 
f you’re writing copy and you’re having a hard time getting people to like what you write then perhaps the answer isn’t so far away as you may think it is. 
Now what do I mean by that?

It’s really simple…

…just use your brain for once and start thinking. 

You see, there is a unique way of turning something that might seem boring into something that’s very interesting. 

As long as you apply the correct framework. 

Now, what is this so-called ‘correct’ framework? 

To find the answer we’ll have to go back in time, to the unheralded year 1942. 

That year, a lot happened. Pearl Harbor was bombed. Hitler was advancing on The Soviet Union. And a very special book on copywriting was released. 
It’s title was a little long, but its meaning as true as one plus one equals two; 

How To Write A Good Advertisement: A Short Course In Copywriting’. 

The book’s author: Victor O Schwab

That book has laid the basis for a lot of A-list copywriters today like Bob Bly and Parris Lampropoulos. In fact, the latter has those whom he adapts as his copycubs read, study and implement the book. 

Which is no wonder, since it contains a miraculous way of turning lead into gold, using nothing but words… 

…By applying a certain framework. 

Now, what is this framework? 

Let’s see what the author suggests are the fundamentals that should always be included in ‘a good advertisement’; 

Get Attention - by writing a compelling and persuading headline. 

Show People An Advantage - by listing the benefits and how it changes their lives. 

Prove it - either by demonstration or another tangible, measurable way. 

Persuade People To Grasp this advantage - by applying five words.

Ask for action - either through disqualification to weed out those who don’t need the product or who are price shoppers, or by giving them a killer guarantee. 

You already now have your mind focused on the bullet number four, right? 

Well, that’s likely because it had a yellow background - and a mystical explanation. 

So what are these five words? 

‘What is this similar to?’

In other words, if you have a an advantage or a benefit that might seem a little boring and mundane, write it as a metaphor. 

The great marketer Russell Brunson also uses this framework, but he uses these four words instead;

‘It’s kinda like…’

And if you can solve this riddle, your copy will get so much more interesting and appealing. 

In fact, did you know that most copywriters today really don’t know about how important this framework is? 

They might read this and other books and think that the lessons herein don’t apply since the copy itself is dated as well as the product and services. 

Now, that’s really stating the obvious, don’t you think? Of course the copy is date since the book is dated.

But the principles, the thought psychology and the framework aren’t. 

And that’s where so many people are wrong. 

But enough chit chat, let’s use this framework in practice. 

Consider these five headlines and see how excited you get.
Get A 45% Return On Your Credit Card Balance By Selecting ABC Bank 

Use Our Powerful Protein Supplements So You Gain Hypertrophic Muscle Growth 

Invest In XYZ Real Estate Fund And Get A 15% Return On Your Investments 

Wear These Sexy High Heels And Feel Like A Beauty Queen 

Did You Know That More Than 800 People A Day Say They Feel Better After Using Our Skin Care Product?
Now, these are all pretty mundane, down to earth and flat out ‘plain vanilla’ headlines, right? 

There is no substance, no attention grabbing, no provoking - nothing. 

But do you notice what else is missing? 

Metaphors. What are these headlines similar to? And what can you possibly to do spice them up a little? 

Let’s use Victor O Schwab’s framework here. 

Let’s persuade the reader to grasp the advantage of what he’s reading; 
Pay Down Your Car Loan, Mortgage And Power Bills If You Use ABC Bank’s Credit Card

If You Want A Big Jacked Bicep Like Popeye, Here’s Your Supplement

Would You Like To Ensure Your Children’s College Tuitions Now? 
In That Case, XYZ Real Estate Fund Gives You The Necessary Cash Flow

Get The Right Kind Of Guy Lusting For You And Make Your Girlfriends Jealous 

Each Day A Whole Football Field Of People Feel Better After Using Our Skin Care Product - Care To Join? 

Do you see how much more inviting and easy to understand it is when you use metaphors in your copy? 

It’s like telling a little story to a child - you explain it in simple, down to earth terms. People don’t want to think, they’re lazy. They want you to do all the work for them. 

With a few exceptions, they don’t care about numbers, regulations and other features. They want proof, demonstration and a visualization that’s appealing to them. 

What single chick doesn’t want to stand out as the hottest girl and get the right kind of guy? All she has to do is to put on a pair of sexy high heels.

Notice how the product isn’t mentioned at all in the headline. That’s because if you create a vision that’s strong enough and that appeals to the audience, then the brand, the color and so on become less important. 

Likewise, even though the the real estate fund is mentioned, it comes last and what’s more important is what the product can do for you - explained in a simple and easy to understand way. 

What parent wouldn’t want to pay for their children’s college? After all, it’s a costly investment. You could also have used life insurance, medical bills, parental retirement costs and so on in this headline. Things that really apply to the greediness of the reader. 

Thus, you take the boring part, the part that’s a little difficult to grasp - the lead…

…and you turn it into something that people immediately can relate to, and that they think is fun - the gold.

Because that’s why people buy in the first place. 

To satisfy their need for…

…feeling better about themselves.

If you can address that desire, there is almost no limits for what you can sell to people. 

And you address that desire by learning yourself copywriting. 

That is, by looking for courses, books and resources that actually teach you this important framework. 

I’ll give you a hint: it’s usually the most plain and least sexy looking courses and books that manage that. 
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You already know  why. 

These gurus rely more on their social media presence than Gollum from Lord Of The Rings did on on his 'precious' ring.

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