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What Others Are Saying
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What I Write 
One late Saturday evening a young man was strolling the streets of a city in search for a venue where he could find attractive girls.

As any man, he of course wanted a trophy, someone whom he could show to his friends and brag about. 

To raise his status, and to propel him forward in life. 

After all, this is what life is all about. To chase those hot girls in the upper echelon of the 1-10 scale. 

Because let me assure you something. That scale is absolutely real and both sexes, whether they like to admit it or not, know about and follow the scale. 

Our young man in question, let’s call him John was feeling the pressure. 

Not only that but he was downright terrified. 

Approaching girls seemed like a daunting task. 

All the girls would do was just to lash insults in his face and mock him, and he’d look like a fool. 

No wonder he couldn’t get any girls and hadn’t had an attractive girl accompanying him for years. 

Who really wanted to date a loser like him? Why in the world should he even care to approach girls and find a suitable one? 

My friend, these thoughts are the grave mistakes he was doing before the night started, which cost him dearly in the end.

Because things got way worse than he really imagined them to be. 
A Bad Start Suddenly Got Even Worse
Finally, after having walked for quite some time, John found a suitable spot. 

It was a club of some sort. Where there was loud music and there was as line stretching out. It really seemed like people wanted to get in there. 

‘This must be a convenient place, look at all those people!’, John thought. 

But oh, now he really could feel the heart pounding in his chest. 

He was soon due to make his approaches and talk to girls. 

What in the world was he supposed to talk about? What should he say and how should he say it? Should he pretend to be arrogant? What about being humble, instead? 

Or, should he just be himself?

He’d spoken to his brother’s girlfriend about this. 

‘Oh, you know, just be yourself and smile. Girls like guys who aren’t afraid of making fun of themselves. We want to laugh!’

So what that meant, was that he really was supposed to make jokes about himself and spread humour and joy, so that other girls started to laugh at him…


Because that’s what his brother’s girlfriend had said and she was really hot. And if she said it, then it had to be true….


John really could feel it now. 

His palms started sweating. He got a slight feeling of nausea and dizziness and started breathing faster and faster. 

There was no way going back now. He was actually standing in the line, with girls on both sides of him.

And they were so attractive! They’d done their hair and nails, wore high heels and tight skirts or dresses so that he could see their entire figures. 

But they all looked so…angry! So bored. Like they would just go home. 

John looked at the girl closest to him, who seemed to be just a little more upbeat than her girlfriends. 

‘Hi….so what are you doing here..?’ John muttered pathetically. 

He could already kind of figure out what the answer was going to be. He looked down and away as he said it and really just wanted to find a black hole to sink down into. But there was no escape. He was standing in the middle of the line and the only way to actually get away from these people was to physically shove them away…

‘Hey, I’m just out with my girlfriends. Having a girl’s night out! What about you?’

She actually responded to him. And she wasn’t even being rude! 

‘I…I…am just looking for my friends also…’ John said and looked away, wishing that he hadn’t opened his mouth at all. 


He could hear the frustration in the girl’s voice and how she felt like she’d wasted the valuable time of his life. 

Oh, what a bad start to this evening. 

And why did they have to play the music so loud? You hardly could hear what anyone was saying in the club. Much less converse with someone. 

But did that really matter now? 

John had pretty much ruined the entire evening for himself now. 

After finally paying the $10 cover, he was inside the club….

He looked around and saw the girl he’d barely spoken to in the line. She was really attractive, but now another guy was trying his luck on her. 

That guy wasn’t particularly tall, but he was just well dressed and looked fit as well. He also had that kind of swagger about him that just kind of…

…attracted people to him. 

He seemed really cool, but none of that mattered right now because he was actually picking up the girl John should have gotten. 

Not only that, but were they actually….kissing?

They surely were! The cool guy actually went from just talking with the girl to kissing her within five minutes or so! 

Suddenly he just grabbed her by her waist and sort of led her towards a dark spot in the club where nobody really hung out. And she didn’t even protest! She actually sort of…wanted him to lead. 

John wasn’t sure what to do right now…

He was in the middle of the club, all by himself and he’d missed his first shot. By a mile. 

Not only that, but he’d actually been made to look like a fool! 

But none of that really mattered now, because the night was about to get even worse.
How To Appear Like You’re Frankenstein
John looked around the club again and studied. 

He saw plenty of girls that he really wanted to talk about, but they all looked so happy and he didn’t want to disturb or interrupt them. He’d probably just look stupid doing so. 

But wait a minute! 

John got an idea. 

What if he bought himself a drink at the bar and sat down at a table? Then it would really seem like was important.

So he walked over to the bar and really didn’t think of anything else but buying a drink so that he could look the part. 

He actually didn’t notice that one the first girl’s girlfriend spotted him and said ‘Oh, you were that guy who talked to Susie…’

John just walked past her and looked the bartender right in the eyes: 

‘I’d like…uhhm….ahemm….a gin and vodka please!’ 

The bartender smiled. 

‘Sir…gin and vodka? We don’t mix two alcoholic beverages together! You can have gin and tonic if that’s what you want.’

‘Fine, gimme some gin and tonic!’

John had really no idea what he’d ordered. He’d just heard his colleagues at work talk about ‘gee and tee’. Not only that, but he also didn’t know how it would taste. 

He took a sip. 

‘Not too bad actually’, he said to himself and slouched over to his table. 

He sat down and began studying all the girls he could see. 

The longer he sat there, the more it felt like he missed out. But it was so comfortable, just sitting there, not approaching any of the girls. At least now he didn’t have to make a fool out of himself. 

After a while he started noticing that all the girls who walked past him or who sat by their tables, when they turned their heads to him…

…they gave him a look that made him seem like he was Frankenstein or something. Like was appalling! They seemed so…moody when looking over in his direction. 
Why in the world would they do that? What had he done wrong? He was just sitting there, drinking his drink, scouting. 

Then all of a sudden he saw them walking towards his table…

The cool guy and the girl he’d attempted to pick up. 

Was her bra a little skewed? And her hair looked a little messy. As did her make up in her face. 

The guy looked just confident. Like he’d accomplished some sort of mission. 

Hold on now…

Had they…?

In that dark spot in the corner? 

As they walked past his table, John looked at the cool guy. The guy just smiled. 

The girl strolled after and didn’t even bother to look in John’s direction. 

‘Damn! Why didn’t I….Why can’t I do something like that?!’ John thought. 
The Snapchat Video John Would Rather Be Without
There was really no time to lose. 

John stood up and put his drink away. 

It was time to go pick up some girls. If that other cool guy actually managed to get with a girl that easy, in the club…

Then why couldn’t John do it? 

There was absolutely no reason as to why he couldn’t. 

So, he walked over to a girl who standing by herself on her phone and looked a little bored. 

He didn’t even notice that her girlfriends were standing right next to her, because his sole focus was just to get laid…

John felt a little stressed now. He could feel how his whole body was rigid and almost sort of combat ready. The swirly dizziness also came back. 

But there was no time to being dizzy. There was no time to being afraid. 

So he just tapped her a little frantically on the shoulder and said out loud before she even managed to turn her head around….

‘HEY I’M JOHN, want to go check out that dark spot in the corner?’

The girl turned her head and said ‘What?’


The girl started bursting out in laughter, turned her head around and said to her girlfriends:

‘Hey girls, listen to Mr. Creepy over here who wants to get laid with me right here, right now!’

‘I know, I just recorded in on SnapChat…what a night, Lauren!’ one of her girlfriends responded. 

John didn’t know what to say or do…

He’d actually been recorded…on video, shouting in a girl’s face about sexual intercourse!

How in the world was he supposed to get out of this quagmire? 

We’ll leave John right here in that moment. 

What happened to him later, I don’t know. 

He probably left the club in a hurry and didn’t dare to show his face again for several months. 

Or he got charged with sexual misconduct and lost his job. Whatever happened to him, I really hope never happens to you. 

And here’s how you prevent it from happening. 
You Need To Get A PHD

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How A 4-Time Kickboxing World Champion Made Desperate Virgin Men Pay For His Lambo 

One day, a British kickboxing world champion had to realize the cold, harsh truth…

He was broke. Dead broke. 

And worse, he was also owning some money to the mafia. 

Now, with rent soon due, and his next fight being months away, what could he possibly do? 

What would any other person do? 

The answer was obvious. 

He needed to get some money. And he needed it rather fast. 

But that wasn’t the only problem. Far from it. 

You see, the kickboxer was seriously dead tired of having to always deal with money issues. 

No matter what happened in other parts of his life - whether was his kickboxing, getting girls or staying in good shape, it all came back to lacking money. 

More, his lifestyle wasn’t really supportive of his income. 

All the parties he threw, all the money he needed to spend on gas for his car, plus all the expenses related to his kickboxing ventures…

It all really took a toll on his finances. 

And more, it took a toll on his pride. He was broke. Both financially and pyschologicall. 

He needed to change. 

Things needed to change. 

He just couldn’t live like that anymore. 

One Single Dish For The Duration Of A Pregnancy 

In fact, he was so broke that he and his brother had to cut back on spending in every single aspect of their lives. 

Including the food. 

It got so bad that for nine months - one full pregnancy period, the kick boxer and his brother could only afford to eat one, single dish, each day, three times a day. 

They mockingly gave the dish the name «flavor»…

Because it had no flavor. No taste at all. It was just a mouth load on the tongue and then washing it down with water. 

Now, what kind of dish was this? 

It was some low quality, frozen meat with beans and rice. 

And that was it. 

Now, how about eating that kind of dish, every day for nine months? 

What kind of psyche and determination lies behind this? 

I’ll tell you, an iron clad mind. A will so strong to succeed, you’ll do anything it takes to achieve your goals. 

Not only does eating one single dish every day for one year highlight just how concerned the kick boxer and his brother were about their health, but it also highlights another important point…

When all you have and do is literally nothing, you go to extreme measures to get what you want. Including eating food that really doesn’t taste good…

Things were soon about to change for the better. 

But there were ever more obstacles lying in the kick boxer’s way...
An Aloe Vera Water Adventure

Eventually, the kick boxer found out about making money from other sources than his average day job. 

One of these ways were to actually import groceries cheap from Eastern Europe and sell on the British market. He was going to make lots and lots of money doing so, because people were always preoccupied with chasing the next trending commodity. 

One consumable that a lot of people seemed to be interested in, was Aloe Vera water.

In its simplicity, it was aloe vera mixed with water. 

Nothing special about it…

But it was curious enough for a lot of people to actually want it. 

Now, the kick boxer’s plan was as follows…

Import a lot of crates with Aloe Vera Bottles and then sell it to a grocery store. By doing that, he would act like the middle man and then profiting generously from the import sales. 

So he started reaching out to local grocery stores. 

But it wasn’t easy. 

Not many of them cared to answer. In fact, out of 20 or so emails he sent, only one single grocery chain replied back. 


It turned out that one of the food managers in a Tesco store showed some interest in this ventuire. 

The kick boxer suddenly got a little enlightened. 

Finally someone who might be on board with this. 

A food manager saying it sounded interesting. 

And the kick boxer’s supplier in Hungary could get him a really good deal. But he would have to pay the supplier $500 upfront, right away in order to start delivery of the first batch. 

After all, if he were going for it, he would need to take a few risks. Win or lose. 

That was how the game was. 

Then things got a little more complicated. 

The manager left Tesco and got replaced by another bloke named Chris. An obese, lazy guy.  

Perfectly suited for being in charge of the food. 

When news reached the kickboxer he naturally acted fast. To get this new fella, Chris, on board with it, he sent him an email saying that just before Chris’ predecessor left, him and the kickboxer were just about to close this Aloe Vera Water deal…

All that Chris needed to do was to give his okay and the deal would be up and running. 

So Chris invited the kick boxer over to come see him. 

The meeting lasted for ten or so minutes. And after explaining Chris how this water with all its minerals and nutrients would strengthen people’s health and how good it tasted, it really seemed like Chris was on board with this. 

Yes, he would absolutely do it. 

So, the kick boxer left the store, happy and called his Hungarian supplier, telling him to start preparations for a big order. 

Naturally, this demanded even more money. $1500 more. 

The kick boxer had now spent his entire monthly salary from his day job and even borrowed another $500 to make this go around. 

So it was crucial that it went smooth. Nothing could go wrong. 


….when his phone started ringing, he god a bad feeling. 

It was Chris from Tesco. 

Told him to come back see him. 

This meeting lasted even shorter than the previous one. 

And it was a much less comfortable message he received from Chris. 

‘I’m sorry, but there has been a misunderstanding. We cannot go through with the deal. Thank you for your interest. Bye!’

Just like that. 

Now, our kickboxing hero was $2000 in red…

With an order of a lot of Aloe Vera water bottle crates in his name.

Not a very pleasant situation. 

How much further should this thing really go? How much more pain, money and time should he have to waste?

Why couldn’t he just get rich like anyone else? 

Behind Every Successful Man There’s A Woman…Or Many

His next fight was months out. 

It also meant that his next big payday was months out. Even though he still had his day job with its minuscule salary. 

The situation was dire. 

He now desperately needed to monetize his skills. 

But how could he do that? Obviously, he was a very skilled kick boxer, he’d even won world titles several times….

But the kickboxing really took its toll on his time, his energy and, almost ironically, his money. 

You see, he had to pay out of his own pocket for going to training camps, hiring a coach, paying a license to fight professionally and so on…

So it wasn’t all glamorous. 

Certainly not how you see on the movies. 

Not only that, but the weight cuts were brutal. 

Sometimes, before a fight, he had to lose 10 kgs, or 22 lbs in one week or less. 

Imagine that! 

All to be allowed to put his life and health at risk while risking permanent damage to his head and body. 

But, such were the ways of a kick boxer’s life. 

However, it had to stop. 

The risk wasn’t worth the reward. 

He needed to make money online some way else. 

But he wasn’t sure how. 

So, he sent his younger brother out and told him to go work - hard. 

So they at least could pay the bills. Because he needed to use his clever mind to come up with a way to make money online while not totally killing himself. 

One thing he’d always made sure to do, wherever he was in the world - Russia, Thailand, United Kingdom, Japan…

Was to attract hot girls. 

In fact, he was very good at this. Wherever he went, it seemed like girls were just lining up to get a part of him. 

So maybe he could sort of….

Make money out of the girls? 

But how? 

Just by being a regular pimp? 

A pimp he became, indeed, but not the kind of regular pimp you think of who hangs out on street corners….

A Digitalized Pimp - Ready For The Future

If the kick boxer wasn’t going to handle girls selling their services to desperate men, physically…
Then maybe he could do it digitally? 

By getting the girls to strip naked and perform sexual and candid activities in front of a webcam - from their own bedroom and let other men pay for it, he really could profit from desperate behavior. 

In a world where people succumb to Tinder, Plenty Of Fish and other dating apps…

They’re having trouble meeting girls offline. 

Not only that, but they seriously have even bigger issues getting laid with a girl. 

So why not profit from that? 

Why not let the hordes of desperate men who couldn’t even find a proper chick but instead reverted into watching porn online…

Pay to have one of the kick boxer’s attractive girls strip naked and do anything these men wanted? 

After all, he heard it paid other people well…

An Eternal Money Machine

So, he gave it a shot. 

Gathered all the girls he’d hooked up with and told them what was about to happen. 

Five girls arrived from all four corners of the world. 

Three left. 

Two stayed. 

And only one girl remained loyal to him to this very day. 

But, those two who stayed with the kick boxer and were willing to work for him for several hours, in front of a cam…

Made the kick boxer and his brother millions!

Now comes the literal million dollar question…how? 

How in the world could girls sell for millions?

Answer: Well you can probably sort of guess for yourself…

Hungry, desperate men who couldn’t even get a date with an average looking girl, in essence, paid for the brother’s cars; a Lamborghini, a BMW, an Aston Martin and more….

Four big mansions, a lavish lifestyle, travelling on business class all over the world…

Creating a life filled with so much money, more money than they could possibly spend…

All because of insecure, male virgins who were too afraid to even approach a girl and say hi. 

And also, knowing how to properly seduce attractive girls and getting them to remain loyal to them.

And Now, It’s Your Turn

If you want to live this dreamlike lifestyle, this is your chance. 

The kickboxing four time world champion - Andrew Tate has created a course on how to get girls and get them to remain loyal to you, forever….

Getting them exactly to do whatever they want….

All it takes is your willpower, your determination, time and energy….

As well as a measly investment of $297.

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The Important $14 Cigar
One weekend a group of future millionaire were gathered in an undisclosed location somewhere in a large city in the US. 

This wasn’t like any regular meet up from the Internet where a bunch of guys team up and do some exploring. 

No, this was different. 

There were people way down in the bottom of the totem pole, desperately wanting to start making money online and to get a decent income, independent of any location, job or employer. 

There were people who already had started making money online. Significant money. 

And there were millionaires. Decamillionaires. 

People with so money, they didn’t even know how to spend it. 

Now you might ask yourself - why would a decamillionaire spend his time around ‘ordinary’ people who still were in their day jobs? 

The answer was simple - because all of these people had something in common. They shared one single vision: To become the greatest man alive. 

Now you might be thinking ‘Well, how’s that possible, there can only be one who’s the best.’

This is where so many people get it wrong. Because they don’t understand that your mental point of origin is the most important thing in the world. It’s the very device by which you live with. If you don’t have faith in yourself, then who else is supposed to have faith in you?

How will you conduct business?

How will you attract more like minded people? 

How will you even get girls to like you? 

You know the answer to that yourself. 

If You Want To Remain At The Bottom - Do It Like Doug

Back to the gentlemen who were gathered. 

A lot of them didn’t have much money. 

Some were still clinging on to their day jobs, desperately wanting to pull out. Some of them had even gone out of their way to get permission from their bosses to leave for just one single day. 
It really was humiliating for some of these gentlemen to be surrounded by such successful people. 

Money wasn’t an issue for those who were already rich. 

But it hadn’t always been like that. 

Far from it. 

You see, all the rich people in the room had been broke at some point. No money, no hope for the future, nothing to show for. 

They out of all knew how it was being at the bottom in life. 

Which is why they wanted to send the elevator back down and help those who still were struggling. 

One of these gentlemen, we’ll call him Doug, was so happy to be in the presence of these other gentlemen. 

Doug really hadn’t made any significant money online, he rather chose to live below his means and to stack up the money so he could live the good life at a later point. 

In all fairness, that was a good way of doing it. However, his flaw was that he was travelling on a budget and thus was on limited funds. 

Not that there was anything wrong with that. 

Remember, all of the rich gentlemen had at some time been poor. 

So they of all knew how it was to travel, to go to expensive events and to meet important people. 

Still, most of these rich gentlemen didn’t make the one mistake that Doug made. 

Now, here’s a very important thing. 

We all make mistakes in life. All of us are flawed somehow. 

But some of us have the ability to correct that mistake and do right the next time. 

Sadly, that wasn’t the case with Doug. 

In fact, Doug probably meant well, but he made the completely wrong impression on so many people at the convention. Particularly the decamillionaires. 

At one of the many dinners that Doug attended, he always made a point of how he was travelling on a budget and had to save money by not buying the most expensive item on the menu. 

In fact, as the dinner came to an end and some of the other gentlemen wanted to grab some coffee, Doug wildly protested that he couldn’t attend at that ‘people shouldn’t be spending that much money on coffee.’

If you are broke and you don’t have any money, you probably will agree to this. 

And I fully understand you. 

But you and Doug would have missed out if you were to keep on doing this all the time. 

What’s more, Doug actually had to leave the dinner early to do some other business. 

After Doug had left the table, the discussion started about where to go for coffee next. Because most of the gentlemen really wanted to grab some coffee. 

One of the gentlemen actually said 'We can go for coffee now, now that Doug’s not here!’ 

And go out for coffee they did. 

They drank coffee, told stories, bonded and had a really great time. 

Without Doug. 

However, that didn’t mean that Doug had given up on them. 

In fact, Doug returned that very same night. 

Eager to prove that he fit into the group. 

At that point, the gentlemen had found a lounge and had begin smoking cigars. The mood was good, the bonding started getting more intense and the vibe was overall fantastic. 

As with most cigar lounges, nothing is free. 

Particularly not the cigars. 

So, when the waitresses came around with the bill, Doug was desperate to look for an excuse not to pay. 

Here is exactly what happened. 

Doug came fairly late to the cigar smoking session. In fact, he came so late that most of the gentlemen had finished most of their cigars. The cigars had turned into mere butts right now. Still, there was some glow in them, but it wasn’t much to brag about. 

Doug really wanted to be a part of the cigar smoking gentlemen. 

It really fit his style. Or that is, the way he wanted his style to be.

So naturally he couldn’t miss out on this. 

One of the other gentlemen was about to finish his cigar butt off. 

He’d smoked enough for the night. 

That was perfect for Doug. 

Finally, he could smoke a little cigarette butt - for free! Without having to worry about paying someone. 

Doug actually had that other gentlemen light his own cigarette butt up and pass it to him. 

Finally, the moment had arrived. 

Doug was sitting in the couch, smoking a good cigar and really looked the part. He even got some of the other gentlemen to take several pictures of himself with a cigar in mouth, puffing. 

The only problem was, Doug was posing too much. 

He was trying too much. 

So his photos seemed a little….


They really didn’t look that good. So Doug kept on asking and asking to take more photos of him, working on his pose. Doug almost developed into becoming an annoyance. One could clearly see that the other gentlemen really didn’t think much of his behavior. 

However, money soon would become a subject of discussion. 

One of the waitresses soon arrived with the bill. And, as was custom, the waitress asked everyone for what they’d bought, and for the payment method. 

She then came to Doug. 

Who was still sitting in the couch, puffing on his cigar, having a good time. 

Doug rose up, not really being in the mood to pay for a cigar that he hadn’t smoked. In his mind, he rationalized that he should get the cigar butt for free because he really didn’t smoke that much of it. 
Rationally speaking, that was quite right. 

The bill really belonged to the other gentleman who initially picked the cigar himself and started smoking on it. 

But, here’s a very important caveat to all this that Doug failed to comprehend and that could potentially have damaged his reputation, at least should he choose to continue doing so. 

And that is perhaps the most dangerous caveat one can ever have. 

It’s what causes that tiny feeling of resentment towards others. 

It’s what maybe will cost you some important business deals down the line and what will make other people skip over you if they need someone they can reach out to, but they’re not sure of exactly who.

Ultimately, it is what will cost people genuine friendships down the line, too. 

And that is…

Taking one for the team. 

It’s as simple as that. Picking up the bill at the restaurant table, even if you’re the one who’s had the least amount of food. 

Or paying the Uber Black driver when you end your ride. 

The gesture is way more important than actually parting ways with your money. 

It shows commitment. And it shows that you care about your comrades around you. 

The cigar in question cost $14. If you added taxes to it, the total was $16,95 or so. 

Not very much. Even someone who worked a low-payed job could afford that sort of money. 

But Doug didn’t want to pay. He insisted on passing the bill to the other gentleman, desperately claiming that the cigar wasn’t his. 

The waitress girl made a face which clearly demonstrated what she thought about that comment. 

Nevertheless, the gentleman in question who actually had picked up the cigar payed the waitress, without so much as blinking an eye. 

To say what the future held for Doug wasn’t exactly easy. 

In fact, I have to say, I really don’t know. Maybe he went on to change his ways of behaving and networking. Or maybe not. Maybe he really didn’t get and friends. 

Irrespective of what happened, I know that the information contained in Andrew Tate’s Networking Brilliance course will teach you everything you need to know to meet and interact with people. 

But that’s only if you are prepared to pick up the bill. 

Whether the cost is $1,500 or $15. 

If you don’t mind paying, here’s the Affiliate Link:

What A Yugoslav Special Soldier Can Teach A Fat Millionaire

If you want to learn how to stay in excellent shape with minimal effort, then I obviously don’t know what to tell you. 

You’re deluded. You’ll have to put in maximal effort to stay in shape and to have good health. 

But there is one other parameter that you can bend to your advantage. A parameter that so many people are lost on and wish they had more of. Actually, I bet that if you could supply people additional amounts of this extra parameter, then you would make thousands of billions in no time. 

But, since it is virtually impossible to bend this one parameter, you’re forced to deal with it otherwise. 

You have to sort of bend it to your advantage. 

How do you do that? 

I’ll tell you later. 

But first, let me tell you a story of the…

…The Rich But Unhappy Business Owner

I once heard about a guy who pretty much had everything. 

He was set for life, so to speak. He had an attractive wife, three wonderful children, was a real estate multi millionaire and was financially set for life. 

So were his children, his spouse and his family.

In a world where people worry more and more about money, status and fame, this fella really didn’t have any of those problems. 

However, there was one problem this fella had. 

Something that seriously bothered him. And it only got worse and worse with every year. 

He was grossly overweight. Packed on the pounds. And no matter what he did, he just never seemed to really manage to lose the weight. 

And this really bothered him a lot.

In fact, he was sometimes so embarrassed over his condition that he would make up excuses not go to any conventions or events, meeting up with other business associates to strike new deals. 

Those who are in business know how important a genuine handshake is, as well as meeting up every now and then to discuss not only business, but also other common interests. Forging connections and maintaining them. 

But, our friend attended fewer and fewer of these conventions. 

Particularly those that took place in summer, when the heat forced people to put on less clothes.

He especially hated those events that took place outside in summer time, like fundraisers. It was at occasions like these that he experienced being in the most uncomfortable states that he’d even been in. 

Walking around with a drink in his hands, while sweating like a pig and getting wet marks on his back, in his armpits and on his forehead. 

He could only thank his big sunglasses that covered up the worst sweat pearls, even though the sunglasses were completely incongruent with his facial features. 

And his legs! It was like soaking his cargo shorts in moist before doing the mandatory circulation. 

This was really a big problem for him. 

Because, if he could just have walked into a cool spot, like the inside of an air-conditioned room, he’d be fine. 

But, as he and everyone else knew, the best business deals were those that were struck between successful men smoking cigars and drinking fine wine late at night. 

And that meant that he actually had to remain at these events, sustaining the glowing heat from the sun. 

However, most of the time, his peers would overtly notice his uncomfortableness. Smirks, looks and even downright stares were all part of the price he had to pay for being such a lousy state. 

The Impending Threat 

His wife didn’t give him any slack either. 

«You’re setting a poor example for the kids! Would you like them to be fatherless in a couple of years? You’re going to die from a heart attack!»

And perhaps the very worst of the comments were any variations of this one: 

«You know, sometimes I really can’t be seen together with you, it’s bringing my reputation down!»

That one really stung. 

He could manage getting ridiculed for his large stomach, chicken legs and turkey neck. 

But knowing that he prevented his own wife from doing her own networking really was the final nail in the coffin. 

He was desperate for a change. He had to do something. 

But he didn’t want to go to the gym. It was embarrassing, working out in front of these younger fellows with such ripped bodies. He was afraid of being ridiculed. Looked at. In the gym…it was so intense. 

And besides, it was always packed. Any machine or weight that he was supposed to use was always occupied somehow. 

Not to mention the time it took to work out. 

He would have to drive for half an hour or so - on a good day, before he had to look for a vacant parking spot outside the gym. Then he had to walk inside, change, do the work out and hope that he made it in time before rush hour hit. 

On a good day he would have to sacrifice three hours, and that was if the workout went smooth without any interruptions.

Then came all the hassle with driving home, parking his car, going in, leaving his gym bag in one of the lockers, throwing his dirty laundry in the laundry machine, showering, journaling the workout, measuring his food intake, sitting down to rest a little before going back to work…

And on a bad day…

He could actually spend as much as five hours! 

Five hours, just driving, changing, working out and going home again. 

But that wasn’t the worst part either…

He wasn’t getting any results. 

His weight didn’t move. His waist measurement didn’t change either. And he really didn’t get any more energy from working out than if he hadn’t done it. 

He was still very tired at night. His back still hurt, and his zip line in his pants still was a challenge dealing with. Not to mention all the belts he had to cut an extra hole in. 

Six months in and nothing had happened yet. 

And now his wife was on the brink of leaving him. 

What could he possibly do? 

A Former Yugoslav Elite Soldier’s $60 Life Saving Investment 

As with most in life, nothing is guaranteed. 

You win some, you lose some. 

And I’m not guaranteeing anything either. 

I’m just pointing out what I would have done if I was in our rich but overweight friend’s situation. 

I would have purchased the Tate’s Fitness Program. 

It’s a brutal war-like workout regime, developed by a former Yugoslav special force soldier. 

The program is surprisingly simple. In fact, it’s so simple that you wouldn’t believe it when you see it. 

There are only two - 2 - exercises. And some additional extra exercises, but the additional ones aren’t nearly as important as the first two exercises. 

But the best part? 

A common workout takes on average maybe 20-30 minutes, depending on your initial shape and will to work out. 

All you need is a bar, some weights and gym mats to not break the floors in your house. 

Because, you’re meant to do it at home. If you live in a hot climate you can do it outside. 

But just so you know it - this workout program ain’t easy! 

It’s anything but easy. It’s brutal! It’s challenging. And you’ll get humbled every single time you do these workouts. 

But then most people (dare I say all?) who’ve taken this program and stuck to it, have shed several pounds of fat. 

Like with anything in life, there is no guarantee that this will work. It’s all depending on the user of the program. If you put in minimum effort, you get minimum results. 

But if you put in maximum effort and you really push yourself, every single day…

I just cannot see how you’ll ***not*** get results. 

But, only way to find out is to buy it and see for yourself. 

Here’s my affiliate link: 

PS: Remember the parameter I told you about that you could bend to your advantage? Why, it’s of course time. Time is finite, and you can’t add extra amounts of it. But you can bend it to your advantage by working out from home using the Tate’s Fitness Program. Hide your mats, your bar and weights in a closet in your bedroom and workout first thing in the morning! 

The Key To Getting Millionaires To Like You

If you’re looking for a way to make millions out of thin air by talking to complete strangers while networking, then I cannot help you. 

In fact, you should stop reading right now and go live your fantasy life elsewhere, because there’s nothing that’s worth anything here for you. 

But if you’re looking for a way to connect genuinely with other people and put yourself in a position to do business with successful Millionaires and other important people, then the following surely is for you. 

Actually, if you don’t apply the following, you will lose out on a great many deals. 

A lot of business has gone down the gutter due to inappropriate behavior, lack of understanding and absence of respect for other people. 

To quote the famous tv show Mad Men: «Half of business comes down to ‘I don’t like this guy’»

Even though the quote is taken from a tv show, there is unquestionably some truth to this. You simply won’t get ahead in life if you aren’t likeable. 

Nobody wants to do business with a dork. 

One of the secret keys to get good connections and make an impression on others is to make the conversation about the other party.

Simply put, you talk about other person. 

This especially applies in this day and age where people spend time on their phones, getting in arguments over some meaningless stuff on the Internet and feel the need to share their best sides on social media. 

But most of the bickering online and offline is due to a failed understanding of the human nature. 

Because, instead of seeing things from another person’s perspective, it’s all about seeing the world through a selfish lens, not taking into account that everything isn’t necessarily black or white. 

Chatting people up and talking about their lives is key because it’s the…

…Secret To Making Millions

You might think I’m joking, but I’m not. 
If you want to get rich and get ahead in life, then making the conversation and the overall interaction about the other persons life is perhaps the most important caveat you can have. 

Just think about it.

Nobody likes a know-it-all. 

Nobody likes someone who pretend they know more than others. Particularly if they’re way down at the bottom of the totem pole. 

Sadly, this is where I’ve seen incidents where people ruin their chances of getting ahead in life. 

It’s because they don’t ask interesting questions and kill their own ego while brushing the ego of the person they’re interacting with. 

To make the conversation about the other person is an art form in itself. 

Certainly not everyone are able to master it, and they end up not being part of the good company of people who strike lucrative deals. 

Some of the obstacles that need to be addressed are:

*Who you should pick up the bill at the restaurant, and why this is crucial to building important business connections. 

*Why you should always overpromise on what you can do, especially if you don’t have a track record yet. 

*At some point you need to travel to see an important person, but you don’t know if he or she will show up. How do you go about it to ensure that you still get to see them?

*What is the best way to network with important people? Should you go to conventions and hand out business cards? 

*If you are employed, how can you impress your boss and network your way up to a better position in the company?

*Should you also focus on networking with people below you? Why is that important?

*Why you could risk your reputation referring someone to other important people, and an almost water-tight method to prevent that from happening.

*The simple, yet very important trick for keeping your connections relevant and how to add value to their lives by just spending 10 or so minutes every month.

*How one of the world’s worst singers really is successful because of his networking skills and how you can apply what he did to your business.

*What do if you cannot deliver your promised results and how to get away with it without getting into any legal issues.

*The delicate balance of validating yourself and at the same time show interest for an important person’s business, when you’re at the bottom.

*Why you’re jeopardizing your business possibilities if you’re impressed with a private jet or an upper scale restaurant.

*The importance of always looking good and being on time, even if traffic was a nightmare and you’ve had other problems as well.

*The inestimable advantages of knowing people who are below you and how that benefits your life. 

That and much more is what Andrew Tate teaches you in his outstanding course Networking Brilliance. 

The price is currently £229 and is expected to increase in the future. 


Well, there’ simply too much good content. 

Speaking of price, if you think you’re going to succeed in life being cheap and ‘save money’, then I’m sorry to tell you that networking probably isn’t for you. 

I think you should rather stay at home watching Netflix. 

In fact, I really urge you to watch TV shows, go eat unhealthy foods and spend time with average people who’d rather talk about Saturday’s ball game. 

See how far that takes you in life. 

See how that complacency makes you millions. 

Now, I cannot guarantee that you’ll make millions out of applying all the principles that are being taught in Networking Brilliance. 

In fact, I won’t guarantee anything at all. Likely, you won’t make a dime at all, just by watching the course. 

But if you apply what’s in there I’m fairly sure you’re going to strike some pretty sweet business deals. 

Still though, most of the course really just comes down to common sense. 

If you’re already well versed with networking and you have it on lock, there’s no reason for you to buy it. Rather spend your money on something that’s important to you. You know it best yourself. I cannot see your thoughts. 

But if the man in the tailored suit felt uncomfortable in your presence….

If you don’t get any responses from emails that you’re sending out to people you want to work with…

If you don’t know people who can get you deals because you’ve put in the work…

Then most likely, something’s off. And you can find the answer to these problems and much more in Networking Brilliance. 

Here’s the affiliate link: 

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