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FREE ebook Shows Health Suppliers and manufacturers how to sell more of their supplements by highlighting People's Pains
By focusing on people's problems, pains and fears as well as other negative emotions, you will actually sell more of your product or service. This is because when someone has a problem, you simply cannot talk enough about that problem to them. Find out how to do that when it comes to health supplements right here. 
These are just some of the things you'll learn in this ebook

• A single mother had so bad urinary problems, she actually had to sneak behind cars in a parking lot to pee. Discover how cinnamon could get rid of her problems.

• Find out how a small molecule may stop cancer cells from growing and even forming.

• Learn how a thing as simple as inflammation  can cause alzheimer's to manifest - and how a very common spice found in most kitchens worldwide can prevent it from happening.

• Read about how a salesman's farting in a confined office environment gave him all sorts of troubles - and what he could have done to salvage himself.

• A frustrated patient needed two total knee replacements because of poor health - find out how 'life actually was good'  until she started going on Medicare

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